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Looking to go further with the ideas in Outside In? We can help with your company's customer experience strategy and execution. The authors and our entire team of customer experience analysts would love to work with you.

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  • Ongoing Research (see more)

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    • CX strategy, design, measurement, and governance.
    • Identifying CX problems and making the business case to improve them.
    • Building a customer-centric culture and an experience-driven organization.
    • CX maturity of organizations.
    • The role of the chief customer officer.
  • Workshops and projects (see more)

    Customer Journey And Ecosystem Mapping
    Diagnose the root causes of problems that cause experiences to fall short of customers' expectations.

    Succeeding With Co-creation
    Fix experience problems with co-creation, an approach that brings your customers into your design process.

    Customer Experience Maturity Assessment
    Evaluate your CX skills and processes to identify capability gaps and develop a map for moving forward.

    Digital Usability Evaluation
    Identify the user experience flaws that prevent customers from accomplishing their goals in digital interactions.

    Strategy Development
    Create a CX strategy for your organization that aligns with your corporate and brand strategy.

    Persona And Journey Map Assessment
    Assess whether your customer understanding tools are up to par with best practices.

    Customer Experience Metrics Framework
    Build out CX metrics that actually measure the elements of CX that customers value.

    Voice Of The Customer Program Development
    Plan and structure a program to gather and act on customer feedback.

  • Speaking Engagements (see more)

    Outside In authors Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine and Forrester's CX team are experienced speakers who have been researching CX and working with clients for 14 years.

    Profit From The Outside In Perspective
    CX is the greatest untapped source of decreased costs and increased revenues in most industries. Case studies demonstrate how your company can benefit from treating it as a business discipline.

    Master The Six Disciplines Of Customer Experience
    To go from incremental improvements to breakthrough transformation, companies must master six high-level CX disciplines: strategy, customer understanding, design, measurement, governance, and culture.

    Why Customer Experience? Why Now?
    In the age of the customer, CX matters more than any other strategic imperative. Customers' perceptions have a profound impact on brand equity, customer loyalty, revenue, and costs.

    The Customer Experience Ecosystem
    CX initiatives can only succeed when you master your ecosystem, the complex set of relationships among your employees, your partners, and your customers.

    Keeping Promises: Building Brands Through CX
    Advertising and marketing set customers' expectations. Learn how marketers can collaborate with the rest of the organization to deliver on those promises.

  • Forrester Leadership Boards (see more)

    Forrester's Customer Experience Council helps executives drive their organization's CX strategy, justify investments in CX, and prioritize projects.

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Outside In - The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business

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